Our selection is absolutely unique! Estonian Locations team is committed to finding the best and most suitable locations for your project. Our job is our passion and therefore we have worked for years to build a location portfolio containing not only frequently asked but also formerly unused and exclusive locations.

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Huge selection of locations in database

10 years of experience

150+ successful projects

40+ satisfied clients

Advantages of the region

  • Safe region
  • Trustworthy & professional
  • Great variety of locations, which have not yet been seen or over used in the film industry.
  • Production costs are very competitive
  • Quick production permits
  • Compactness – short distances between very different types of locations – from untouched nature to modern city centers.
  • Diverse and well-preerved flora and fauna
  • Good connections by planes, ships, trains and motorways
  • Experienced professionals who speak fluent English
  • Flexible working hours
  • No trade union or similar fees
  • Modern infrastructure
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Estonian locations provide a very authentic atmosphere for productions, representing various eras. When working together, we can use these locations to create and visualize life in any European metropole, revive Soviet atmosphere, portrait medieval times on the streets of the Old Town or go back 1000 years in time due to well-preserved primeval nature.